Friday, August 31, 2012

Bronx Boy hits The State Fair = Food On A Stick in Pictures

not a short dog but the long dog
the hot dog is the stick
eating a divine fried milky way bar
Minnesota Art - butter

Too Make a Long Drive Short

Rainy Chicago

Smoque BBQ - Chicago

Left Cleveland
Little Guy drove thru Indiana and thru rainy, traffic jammed Chicago
Found Smoque BBQ in Chicago, right before the 90/94 split, drove to Wisconsin Dells for gas and some Arizona Jack Nicklaus which is lemonade with honey or mango. Hasn't made it to the eastern seaboard yet. Drove into Minneapolis, 12 hours in the car.
Went out for Juicy Lucy's in St Paul, then back to hotel. Long Day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Off To Minnesota

my little guy decided to go to the University of Minnesota for his college education and with move in date upon us, what do i hear: ROAD TRIP. Due to the W's work schedule, she couldn't come with us, both of us were disappointed that she wasn't joining us on this  adventure.

The plan on the way out was to stay in Cleveland, OH on Saturday night and catch the Yankees/Indians game at Progressive Field or the Jake, as the Indian fans still call it.

6:30am, in the car and we are off, NY, NJ, PA, OH. New York and New Jersey flew by quickly, Pennsylvania, forgetaboutit, 310 miles, not a quick trip. Got to Cleveland in about 9 hours with gas and food stops.

My little guy has a goal to visit as many National Parks as possible, so finding Cayuga National Park, 3 miles from the hotel was a score. IT was a nice park with some hiking trails and lots of biking trails.

Went to the Stadium, found parking a few blocks away, all of the food joints that we wanted to hit were slamming with fans so we walked down to E4th street where we ate brats and burgers in a bowling alley. Got to the park and proceeded to watch the Yankees leave 9 men on base and lose the game.

Cayuga National Park
Indians Official Mustard

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Trip to Seattle in Pictures and Few Words

Pike Place Brewing Company
Only in Seattle
Landed late Thursday. woke up early Friday, breakfast t the Pike Market, walked for a while, went to Space Needle,

Not the USS Enterprise but the Space Needle

took bus to Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners to take a tour of the stadium
Walked from Safeco to Salumi, a deli that makes homemade dried italian sausages, that is salami for you dummies, owned by Mario Batali's father who is more well know for his sausages then for birthing Mario. Ordered a finochino and home made mozzarella sandwich, along with a taste of the best meatball and gravy that i tasted.
LaFolie at the Collins Pub
Pinball Cove at Shorty's Pub in Belltown
Big Tree
Very Good Non Medicinal Doughnuts
King Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Salmon Jerky
Gig Harbor
UPS/Fed Ex
Some Comic Con fan watching
OlympicNational Park
Ferries, Ferries and more Ferries

Over all a good trip

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Am Back

with a tentative trip to Seattle at the end of the month, i need to resurrect this blog so that i can remember where i went, what i ate, what i drank and who i was with. Yes, it is tough being me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Curtis BBQ

This place was written up in the NY Times 24 yrs ago and i have been meaning to go to Putney, VT to try it. I am a little slow but 24 yrs later, i made it. Funky place with a couple of old blue school buses, one of then selling food, the other one, ???, a wooden pagoda with picnic tables, a sand pile with kiddie toys and a volleyball court, very cool.

all they serve is chicken and ribs, the ribs were huge, everything was tasty including the collards and the cole slaw. Worth the 24 year wait.

VT Beer

Hill Farmstead Edward & Smuttynose Noonan

London Calling & TLA IPA
first trip to Burlington and two places that i needed to try was the Farmhouse for some Hill Farmstead beers and American Flatbread/Zero Gravity for pizza and beer.

Went to the Farmhouse first and all they had was Edward, an american pale ale, 5.2% beer. It was very good, worth the 5 hr drive. Also had the Smuttynose Noonan, a black IPA in honor of Greg Noonan, creator of the Vermont Pub and Brewery who died recently. Also had the Trapp Lodge Dunkel and a taste of a 1 yr old Smuttynose Wheat Wine, on of my favorite styles. It was amazing.

Off to American Flatbread where we sampled at the bar, a Gruit and a Madhava which is a 9.2% belgian pale ale brewed with honey and aged for 7 months with Brett, it was great, we also had the TLA IPA and a the London Calling, a 3.9% session english pale ale. Very tasty for  low alcohol beer. Oh yeah, the pizza and salad where great too.